Our Brands

Our brands

Product development at BioClin is always based on a consumers need, its potential, its efficacy and its true added-value in the market. BioClin products are being sold through exclusive and long term partners around the world. Over 20 products in 4 different categories and several license opportunities based on multiple patented and unique concepts are available. Most products are CE marked Medical Device registered.

Women’s Health

Vaginal health is a serious concern for 3 out of 4 women and most problems have a micro bacterial origin. Multi-Gyn is a complete range of effective, natural and safe intimate care products to treat and prevent vaginal discomforts, when medication is too strong and normal hygiene does not offer a solution. Multi-Gyn is a pioneer and has an award-winning range in the area which is, by far, the best in its class. Intimate self care products that treat & prevent vaginal discomforts.

Breastfeeding is the first and healthiest priority for new borns. Continuity is a key element. Multi-Mam products prevent and treat discomforts before and during breastfeeding through total nipple care. Effective nipple care for breastfeeding mothers and soothing relief for teething babies.
Brand Multi-Mam

Oral Care

Lot’s of people experience mouth problems, especially those on medication. Multi-Oral is a total concept of oral self care products that are natural, safe and effective in solving problems related to bacteria, dry mouth and poor condition of gum and teeth.

Brand Multi-Oral

Diabetes care

Diabetes is one of the biggest and fastest growing disease populations and due to hormonal and sugar level changes many skin and mucous flora problems occur. DiaClin has a complete and specialized self care product line for diabetes patients to treat and prevent foot, eye, skin and oral problems. The products prevent and provide relief to everyday problems for people with diabetes.

Brand DiaClin


In our busy lives it can be difficult to find the time to ‘give your body a break’. This strongly affects our natural energy level, resistance and well-being. Pyour Synergy is a powerful 5-day purifying program. Pyour is the ideal product to ‘give your body a break’. It is simple, easy and very effective to purify your body.


Ultra Nutrients

People try to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy and offer their body all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and elements it needs. However, in modern life many foods are limited in nutritional value and the uptake of food supplements by our body is limited. NutraLinea products are a combination of the best Ultra Nutrients that mother nature has to offer in optimal effective dosages. Basically all nutritional elements your body needs to get and to stay healthy. NutraLinea is an addition to your daily diet and the easy way to a healthy life style.

Brand Nutralinea

Pipeline & Licensed products:

As product innovation is our core business we are always working on new product developments. Our pipeline contains Urology, ENT, Foot, Eye, Stoma and household care products. These products are completely ready or in their final stage of development. Through license partners BioClin developed haemorrhoid treatment and products for eczema, chicken pox and stoma care. All products focus on efficacy and consumer satisfaction within growing niche segments. In essence, BioClin is a product innovation company that is always looking for sustainable and strategic new business opportunities and partners.